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  1. IFA is the Divine Message of Olodumare (Almighty) to mankind.

  2. IFA is the word of Olodumare.

  3. IFA transcends all the cultures and traditions of all things - man, animals, plants, rocks, water, wind and fire.

  4. IFA explains the basis for the existence of all things past, present and future.

  5. IFA prescribes the spiritual/physical solutions to all problems.

  6. IFA is the first, oldest and truest religion of mankind.

  7. Orunmila, harbinger of the divine message of Olodumare (IFA) is thus the first and truest guardian of universal secrets of existence.

  8. Orunmila, in all things spiritual and esoteric is the deputy of Olodumare.

  9. All Orisa worship and veneration are acceptable, provided they are subservient to the worship of Olodumare as outlined by IFA religion.

  10. No guidelines or signposts to salvation can lead to the path of divine truth except that outlined by Orunmila.

Connect to the power of Wisdom, connect to the power of IFA!
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