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Oloye O.A. Fagbenro Beyioku of Blessed Memory


Q: Who is Olodumare?
A: Olodumare is the only God of the Universe, The Giver of Life, The ruler of Destiny, The Omniscient, The Omnipotent, The Alpha and The Omega.

Q: Who is Orunmila?
A: Orunmila is the same Olodumare as The Word, The Law Giver, The Rebounding Force and The God of the Universe.

Q: Was Orunmila born of flesh and blood?
A: No, Orunmila was not born of flesh and blood.

Q: How was Orunmila born?
A: Orunmila was not born. Orunmila is the same one God.

Q: Where is Orunmila?
A: Orunmila is in the Mystic Existence and Divinity of God. Everywhere.

Q: How is Orunmila known in relation to God?
A: Orunmila is known as Ebikeji Olodumare (Next in the Mystic Divine Entity of God).

Q: How is Orunmila known in relation to creation?
A: Orunmila is known as God Himself, His own Witness in Creation.

Q: Is Orunmilaism a religion?
A: Yes, Orunmilaism is a religion.

Q: Does Orunmilaism believe in God?
A: Yes, Orunmilaism believes in God.

Q: What is the difference between Orunmilaism and Paganism?
A: There is no comparison. Paganism is a concept which does not believe in God.

Q: What is the difference between Orunmilaism and other religion in Nigeria?
A: If this is in concept of Christianity and Islam, those two religions derive their origin and creed from Orunmilaism. The difference is in the interpretation of the creed, the rituals, the mode of worship, and the mode of the acceptance of the sacred obligation of sacrifice and propitiation.

Q: What does Orunmilaism believe should be man's relationship with man?
A: Goodness. By every standard that that word connotes.

Q: What is the creed of Orunmilaism?
A: Orunmilaism believes in God. Orunmilaism believes in the Greatness and the Almightiness of God. It believes in the assumption of Attributes and names of God to fulfill His will. It believes in the descending of God into the the world as Orunmila, The Word, to set down doctrines and precepts for mankind. It believes in the Creative Force of God in the creation of the world and mankind and in Him as Orunmila witnessing Himself. It believes in Godliness, goodness and good deeds. It believes in sacrifice and propitiation. It believes in divination and propitiation. It believes in the eternity of the soul. It believes the soul is accountable to God for its deeds. It believes the flesh will receive blessings or punishments here on earth for all deeds. It believes in honor and due regard and respect and humble submission for parents and elders. It believes in the Catechism of the Creed.

Q: What does IFA embrace?
A: IFA embraces the Divine Utterances, divination, prognostication, propitiation, sacrifice, prayers, knowledge of God, knowledge of Life and other matters attendant upon the relationship of man with God. IFA is God in His Voice, His Decree, and His Utterances.

Q: Are sacrifice and Propitiation of any importance in Orunmilaism?
A: Yes, Sacrifice and Propitiation are of great importance in orunmilaism.

Q: Why is sacrifice and propitiation important in Orunmilaism?
A: Because they are ordained by God.

Q: Is human sacrifice part of the rituals in Orunmila worship, propitiation and sacrifice?
A: Orunmila Himself eschewed human sacrifice from worship, propitiation and sacrifice. It is therefore not part of any rituals in Orunmilaism.

Q: What is used to symbolize IFA?
A: The Ikin IFA.

Q: What is Ikin IFA?
A: The Nuts of the Divine Ope N'Fa.

Q: Is it the Nut that speaks?
A: No, the utterances are the voice of God.

Q: Who or what is Ela?
A: Ela is God, the Holy Breath, The Holy Spirit, the Divine Purity.

Q: Where is Ela?
A: Ela is within the Mystic Existence of God, God Himself - Everywhere.

Q: Do Orunmilarians worship woods and stones?
A: No, Orunmilarians do not worship woods and stones.

Q: Who do Orunmilarians worship?
A: Orunmilarians worship Orisa.

Q: Who is Orisa?
A: God is Orisa.

Q: Then Orunmilarians worship god?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the rituals of sacrifice and propitiation peculiar to Orunmilaism alone?
A: No, the rituals of sacrifice and propitiation are peculiar to every religion which believes in God. It depends upon the mode and form of the sacrifice and propitiation.

Q: You believe in Orunmila, you believe in God?
A: Yes.

Q: You worship Orunmila, you worship God?
A: Yes.

Q: You call upon Orunmila, you call upon God?
A: Yes, when you call upon Orunmila, you call upon God Olodumare.

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